Friday, March 13, 2015

we almost have floors!

Well, I WAS going to write a post about how today is the last day our RV floor will look like this:

But it turns out it isn't  - the flooring guy rescheduled for Wednesday. So we have a few more days of bare floor while we get some other things done for the RV. Well, we've waited THIS long, right? 

Instead I'll show you some of the painting we've gotten done: 

Our pretty purple bathroom with the compost toilet

The sky blue bedroom. 

Where there was cherry wood, now is white! And you can see the green of the living room/kitchen area. This has ALWAYS been my favorite green for living rooms. 

This is just a sneak peek -  I'll do better taking photos once everything is really one, and I'll endeavor to make proper before/after photos when we truly have an "after" to show you. 

Right now, we have a list of "things left to do in the RV", and it's so much more doable than that never-ending painting was! 

Things left to do in the RV: 
  • paint cabinet knobs (in process)
  • finish knobs with shellac or protective cover spray
  • install cabinet knobs and latches 
  • put up curtain rods
  • make curtains
  • finish painting sofa
  • reinstall both sofas
  • remove microwave
  • paint doors with chalkboard paint
  • install metal panels around slide frame, on refrigerator
  • get oil changed
  • finish bathroom floor
  • make panels for holes in bathroom floor and beside bed (so small animals cannot hide there)
  • paint RV chairs
  • paint table
  • install shelving in closet
  • install shower curtain rod around shower

I'm pretty sure there are more little things here and there, but these are the things that need doing before we can begin to move in. Shouldn't take TOO much longer, should it? Heh. 

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