Monday, March 30, 2015

Canon Beach, Oregon Coast

We took some time out of our constant working on the RV this weekend to just go and have some fun. I realized that our life this past year has just become business all the time - go to doctor and physical therapy appointments, work on the RV on weekends, be fatigued at home - not much fun anywhere in there. Maybe an occasional movie or game of mini golf or LEGO event, but other than bi-weekly play dates and Skyping with friends, we really haven't been giving our son or ourselves a very fun time. 

So I decided we needed to remedy that. After all, it would be good practice for RV living to go start exploring this amazingly beautiful state we live in. We've been here three years and have barely seen any of it - I mean, that's a crime when you live in Oregon! 

Sunday we took a day trip to Canon Beach. We only live an hour and a half from the coast, and until a few months ago, we had never even been there - again, HOW??? Craziness. 

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It was so fun and beautiful - we only lasted a couple of hours, but Kiernen had SUCH fun chasing the tide with Muffins and feeling the sand beneath his toes. And he found a fully intact sand dollar! Beautiful!

We haven't been to the ocean in years! It rejuvenated all of us. I even did some tide chasing and a lot of walking and standing for me. We are definitely taking the RV back to the coast and spending some real time there - Astoria and Canon Beach are such amazingly beautiful places, and need to be further explored.

We're starting to have a sense of where we'll be going when we finally launch our maiden voyage in the RV. 

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  1. Good thinking and decision you guys. Happy you are taking and making time to have fun (funny how we can forget such an important ingredient!)


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