Thursday, March 26, 2015

we can haz floors!

We thought they would be done by Friday, and then by Wednesday, and in the end, they were done by Tuesday of the following week. But THEY ARE DONE!!! Which means we can move to the next step in getting the RV ready to be inhabited. 

The slide is in, so those rubber strips you see over the floors are to temporarily protect the floors from being marred by the rollers in the slide.

My husband will do the trim and reinstall the sofas this weekend. Hopefully he will even have time to install the curtain rods!

I better get to making those curtains.

Detail of the floor pattern. We used a "cheat" eco-friendly floor (we just could NOT afford bamboo, plus it was too thick). It's still better from an eco standpoint than stuff you might find at Home Depot, but not as good as bamboo, for example, as far as sustainability and renewability. We DID get it at a locally-owned, family run business called Rug Bug Eco Flooring, and the guy we ended up hiring to do the job was a flooring contractor they use and recommended (he also gave us the least expensive quote). 

The really good news is that even *I*, with my insanely sensitive sense of smell/sensitivities can stand inside the RV on those floors with no issues. Impressive for ANY sort of flooring/new materials, IMO. There is one building supply store in all the land I can actually tolerate being inside of without having a mast cell reaction, and it's The Green Depot in SE Portland - I've even commented to them how amazed I was that I didn't even need my mask to go in - that's nothing short of a miracle for somewhere that sells paints and varnishes and flooring and other building supplies. 

It goes all the way back into the bedroom. Having floors makes me so happy!

Look at this nook. Think about ALL the cuts they had to do to shape this floor, which was planks, into this space. No wonder it took three days (of actual work time).

Again with the nooks and crannies and cuts they had to make to fit them all. 

You can see into the front of the RV from here, and the planks that are left. My husband is using these to do the elevated bathroom floor himself. We were originally going to do something else but these are leftover, which makes it "free" material, so we might as well use what we already have. He'll do that this weekend. 

One step closer! Not too much longer now!

Finally, it feels like progress! Of course it will, it's spring!


  1. I'm so happy for you! And I really like the style you chose!

  2. Exciting! The floor is lovely! Great adventure Keller Family!


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