Monday, April 13, 2015

Everything is Awesome!

My family are HUGE LEGO fans. I mean, we pretty much embrace almost anything LEGO, and we have invested so much money in LEGO sets, videogames, apparel...yeah, we're fans. We're such fans that they know our family at our local LEGO store, and we get little special favors at events on occasion.

And remember how my kiddo is a huge plush collector, and has this awesome insanely large plush collection? And how he loves having plush of his favorite characters? 

Well, after we saw The LEGO Movie, we were lamenting that LEGO doesn't make plush...and Unikitty is a character that was born to be a cute cuddly plush, right? SO *I* made her into one, because Kiernen and I both wanted it to happen, if I'm honest. 

Everything is Awesome!

She stands 18" from bottom to top of her horn, and is Unikitty through and through. 

From the side

A close-up of her face. For being all rectangles (and a few circles), she was NOT as easy as I thought she would be to make! But she was worth it! 

Just ask this happy fan!

Maybe I'll make the other versions as well, one of these days. I'm thinking about trying to make them a bit smaller and more portable. We shall see what the Spoons allow!

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