Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sell All the Things!

The RV is ready. Ready!

It's finished enough that anything left to do can be done with us occupying the RV. Living in it.

I'm almost in disbelief.

This process has taken a full year to complete. And then some! A YEAR! 

We haven't listed the house yet. We haven't moved into the RV yet. We haven't even sold allthethings we're intending to sell yet.

But we have FINALLY made some real, tangible progress, and are *thisclose* to moving into the RV. We'd be doing it this weekend, but our son requested we stay in the house while his BFF is visiting from up north.

This is fine, because there is PLENTY to do inside the house still = like The Completion of the Sorting of All The Things. 

And we're even almost finished with THAT - save for the kitchen and the garage. The garage. Dun dun duuuuun!!! In our house, the garage is also known as "The Place We Put Allthethings We Don't Want to Deal With Now".  So that will be a delight. The good news is as I have been sorting through the house and needing the plastic bins in the garage we won't be using for the stuff stored in them anymore, I have been bringing them in and sorting through them. So it's not quite as daunting as it could be. The other good news is that we have a dear able-bodied friend who has limitless energy and a powerful desire to organize coming to visit this weekend, and while our son is occupied with her son (his BFF), we are going to borrow her mad skills and able body for help.

So we MIGHT just be able to completely finish ALL of the sorting THIS weekend, with her help. Fingers crossed! Because we have an appointment with the buyout guy for next Friday, and we have to have EVERYTHING we are selling ready to show him. Incentive! 

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