Friday, July 17, 2015

The emotional process of packing everything one owns

I've made some incredible progress in The Packing of The Things for Storage. I mean, you cannot believe the tiny little busy work a Virgo can get herself into when she is in the right space. Like sorting LEGO. And not just a little bit, but so that ALL of the tiniest pieces each are in their individual sorted drawers, like this:

And this:

And this:

Which is a close-up of this:

Yes, really. I do that. It's cathartic in a weird way, and it helps me think. I can think about how I will manage taking this entire house and condensing it down to four categories:

1) Goes with us in the RV
2) Goes into storage
3) Goes into the estate sale
4) Goes into the recycling bins/trash

And the really fun part is, I really am not sure exactly what will fit into the RV, so other than some really obvious bits like necessities and such, I'm not entirely sure what will be in the first category. And the first determines the second, and so on.

But what I DO love about the moving process and downsizing like mad is the part where I literally comb through every bit of everything we own and PURGE like the wind. Like the wind, I tell you!

It's quite an emotional process at times - at times I just get into a groove and am in a zone of, "Let it go! Out damn spot!" and it can be exhilarating to see what is leaving, especially after holding onto certain things for YEARS.

Other times I agonize over letting go of certain things. "What if I need it? What if it's a mistake? What if I regret it later???" My fabric was one of those, but oddly, my yarn stashed decreased by 2/3 without issue. Go figure. And then there are those photos you find here and there, or old letters and cards, that send a person into a kind of melancholy nostalgia. THAT part is bittersweet to say the least. And realizing things I thought held value really don't (for me), and it can be easier and harder to let them go than I thought.

And then there is the realization that even in total overwhelm (how on earth am I going to go through ALL of this and decide what goes??? HOW did we get so much stuff AGAIN???)...I can make progress, and lots of it, if I just take one piece of it at a time. One section. One box. Just something. Anything. Eventually it becomes more an more until at some point, I WILL have gone through every tiny thing we own and have decided what I can let go of. A LOT of it.

It's kind of fun when the question is: do I want to pay to store this? Is it worth it? SO many things become a no! Maybe not so much for my sweet boy, who wants to store allthethings he has, but it's okay - the stuff I am getting rid of of mine more than makes up for his bins of plush and wooden trains and boxes of LEGO. I mean, more than half of my fabric! And just all those things I would ONE day use for a project (but never actually did). And three bins of yarn! And SO many craft supplies! And sewing notions!

But I digress. Message here is: purging feels GOOD. Knowing someone else will sell it for me is even better. Well, if I can reach anyone. Apparently Estate Sale season is in full swing, and I'm late to the party!

It's okay though, I'll find the right company to handle it all. Right?

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