Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Kirby Army - Plush With a Mission

Around last Christmas my son got into having armies of things. First he asked me to make an Army of Kirbys - presumably for a plush series he has or had in the works - he is always coming up with all of these wonderfully creative ideas for plush series on YouTube, but his ideas amass faster than he can enact them. And then often he is onto the next thing before they come to fruition. Ah well. I don't mind making the plush, no matter what they get used for.

For Christmas I also got him ten penguin ball plush about the same size as the Kirbys. All of them are around 4" tall, and are very soft and easy to throw like snowballs - you know, in case a Kirby vs Penguin Ball war breaks out. 

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