Thursday, June 30, 2016

MM Raw Day 30

I'm so tired...

I feel like in my dreams last night I was doing some big work with the angels...I wish I could remember it. 


20 oz celery juice
Smoothie: mango, 2 bananas, frozen wild blueberries, strawberries, spinach, d-Ribose, water
Salad: lettuce, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, sprouts, sugar snap peas, apple, dressing (avocado, orange juice, garlic powder, cilantro, onion powder, chives, salt)
Snack: banana, apricot, vegan bread (NOT AGAIN)
Salad: lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, sugar snap peas, apple, dressing (avocado, orange juice, garlic powder, onion powder, salt)

I think it might be time to be incorporating some actual recipes. 1-2 a week maybe. Kiddo wants me to bake him some bread  I found a vegan bread recipe (no eggs) and am going to try that. It uses xanthan gum, but I found a list of possible substitutes, so I'm going to use one of those. I hope it works!


I baked vegan bread for my son, and it rose WAY too much, spilled over the edges, and made a giant mess. I baked it anyway and it was rather a disaster, but it tasted wonderful and I will try to do it again. In the meanwhile, it's so good that my son has been eating it anyway. I made the mistake of eating some, too - it WAS really good. But in flavor only - it did NOT affect me in a good way. My thoughts turned a bit dark, my anxiety ramped up, and my body felt really heavy and soooo tired. It is SO hard to remember these things when I have some distance from them, but perhaps documenting them will help me some.

I will make the bread again, only for my son, and I will WATCH it rise so it doesn't over rise. The good news is we KNOW how good this bread tastes, so if I can just do it RIGHT, he will have really good bread. (All ingredients approved by me, nothing weird added. I even replaced the xanthan gum with flax meal and it worked out fine. 

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