Wednesday, July 6, 2016

this is finally happning

Finally, finally we're in the process of moving into the RV properly. It's only been two years since we bought it, right? It's full on nonsense how long this has taken and how many things got in our way. How my health just couldn't hold up to the paint fumes, so we had to strip the first paint job and the contractor we hired to do the work skipped out in the middle of the job which left my husband having to finish the stripping and repaint the entire RV a second time. Expensive lesson learned: never paint the inside of an RV unless you can pay a team of other people to do it. If it's mostly cabinets (I chose it for the storage!), it will freaking kill you. Just don't, it's WAY more work than painting a house, even though it's an infinitely smaller space. The nooks and crannies are just beyond.

So we're partially moved in, partially still in the house. My husband still had work to do on the RV, like finishing the waxing on the cabinet doors and installing the rest of them, but we don't really need doors to move in - we just need them when we take the RV somewhere. And right now we're staying here until the house is sold. My son REALLY wanted to move in this past weekend, so we did a big push and mostly made it happen. The bed is in here and most of the kitchen is in here, and of course our computers are in here, and those are the most important things.

Right now our kitchen looks like this:

See? Missing doors. We don't need 'em to use the kitchen though. Also it's a bit of a mess since we haven't quite decided where everything will live just yet. We're working on it. 

Things like clothing, linens, books, and miscellany will follow, albeit piece by piece. Oh, and the rest of the dishes and kitchen accoutrements. And of course my son's toys. His clothing is out here, but his toys are taking some time. We had a big packing session yesterday with all of the plush, and it got stressful - I think putting away into storage so much of something a person loves - especially a young person - it's a process. And though he was keen to move into the RV, he's not especially keen to put more than half of his precious (and abundant) plush collection into storage. After all, he has daily adventures with all of this stuff!

But Frenzie and Muffins are here with us, and they're acclimating: 

Frenzie doesn't seem to be bothered, since she sleeps the day away anyway - she's 16. I think she likes that she can now sleep in the window comfortably, and feel the sunshine and the breeze while still being in a protected space. Muffins has sussed out that we're living here now, and has already become protective of our space. Read: she is already barking whenever she hears neighbors' voices in their yards near the RV. IDK how we're going to break her of this, but it needs to happen.

We still have tons of work to do in the house and in the yard - my husband met with the Realtor yesterday (I was napping away a headache) an she had a LOT of things we need to do to get the house to "as-is" and ready to sell. Wanna hear it?

1) Get the cedar roof company to inspect the roof
2) See if the arborist can do something about tree roots that may or may not be touching the house. AYFKM?
3) Have he arborist finish the work the first idiots messed up, and also remove the dead birch tree in the front yard
4) Put bark dust down all over the mulched areas of the property
5) Plant colorful flowers in the front that "pop". 
6) Have the septic pumped (which the septic companies, all of them, specifically told us not to do until the seller asked us to, to avoid two inspections). 
7) My own: call another realtor for a second opinion. Perhaps the one we were thinking of using before.


  1. Good post! I hope you do get a second opinion. If you're selling as-is, why plant flowers that pop? What does bark dust do? If it's free to check the cedar roof, it sounds like a good idea?
    I remember when you took Frenzie home with you. The most zen little kitten ever.

    1. Flowers are inexpensive and draw the eye in, I guess? Bark dust is a lovely red rust color and where areas are mulched it makes them pop, too.


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