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Ten Months In - What Has Medical Medium Done for me Lately?: Part 3: The Update

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Now it’s almost 10 months later, so what do I have to report?
~ A general lessening of my anxiety. I can make phone calls and sometimes talk to strangers and on occasion I’ve even ventured out into the world by myself. I’m still working on that, I think I have a lot to recover from that needs addressing. But it’s huge progress.
~ My depression has lifted. It used to be like a dark cloud hung over everything  - all of my thoughts would spiral to dark and negative thinking, and there was just so much “what’s the point” attached to everything. Now I feel as a baseline, a general sense of hopefulness and like things will be okay. I feel like I CAN do things rather than that they are so overwhelming.
~ I have had actual entire pain-free days. WHOLE pain-free days. That is….it’s HUGE. It’s nothing short of a miracle. I’ve been able to sit and stand and walk and move around, and though my lower back is still an issue for me, there have been days where it actually wasn’t. It blew my mind.

~ I haven’t needed any sort of pain relief medication other than Ibuprofen for a migraine in months. I used to use medical marijuana tinctures if I needed relief because of my narcotics allergy, but I haven’t needed them at all.
~ For a long time I was taking Low Dose Naltrexone - the only medication I didn’t react to - to take the edge off mf my Fibromyalgia pain. Just to take the edge off. I still had the pain. But it made the pain liveable. By some snafu a couple of months into being on this path, I forgot to have my prescription refilled and was without them for a full week. And I noticed that the edge did NOT come back. Before if I didn’t take them for a DAY I would feel it, I needed that LDN. But a whole week and it felt like it always did. So I never got that refill. And I never needed anything else, either.

~ The itching. It used so be all the time randomly I would get itching. Mostly on my back, but also on other areas of my body. I bought a back scratcher and used it daily, multiple times a day. Now I still have itching on my back at times, but I can go days without touching my back scratcher sometimes. That never happened before.
~ My hair isn’t falling out anymore.
~ I’ve had more stamina to do things when I am able. I can go for walks sometimes, and we’ve been swimming a lot since we’ve been in the RV park we’ve been in, which has been great for me.
~ Speaking of swimming, I can get in a chlorinated pool and not have an all over body reaction and itch fest. I still make sure and shower immediately afterwards, but I’ve been swimming a bunch of times and have been okay. I couldn’t even be in a room with a chlorinated pool before. I’d have a reaction to the chlorine.

~ I just added another Magnesium supplement to my regimen - Pure encapsulations Mag Glycinate. My sleep has been AMAZING since adding it. It had improved greatly with everything else, but MG took it to a whole new level. I’m sure it’s doing other things, too, but that is definitely the most noticeable.
~ My skin. I have battled with rosacea and more recently, acne, for SO many years. And even until recently, I kept having flares and breakouts. But as my diet has gotten cleaner and cleaner, my skin is following suit. Since the skin is a reflection of what is happening in the liver, that means my liver is FINALLY getting cleaned out, which makes me SO happy! That means that pretty soon I can watch this fat start melting away.

~ The fat has already started melting away. I wish I could say how much, but I really don’t know, as I stopped using a scale a long time ago. But my clothes are getting looser, and I can see things on my body shifting and changing. And I know what my body feels like when it is losing weight.
~ The haze in my vision has left the building.
~ I can’t remember the last time I had flaky eyebrows.
~ Almost no migraines. I’ve had one or two in the last couple of months, triggered by unusual lack of sleep and stress. But generally I just don’t get them anymore. It helps greatly that I have learned what all of my triggers are and I actively avoid them, but even when I hit an inadvertent trigger, it’s been so much better.
~ Eating so many foods I thought I’d lost forever. I could write a whole post on this, I think, but I’ll try to keep it brief. Eating GAPs, then Paleo, then GF/CF, then Paleo again, then Autoimmune Paleo, then AIP with low FODMAPS. All that did was clog up my liver and make me sicker. I lost more and more foods and watched others have the same experience. But letting go of the meat and fats and eggs and eating as many raw fruits and veggies and even some lightly cooked veggies as possible, has given me back foods I thought I’d lost forever. Nightshades! I can eat them all again! I still prefer tomatoes and peppers raw to cooked, but potatoes I eat with wild abandon, and mushrooms! Oh, my precious mushrooms have come back to me. Fruits I reacted to before like pineapple, citrus and kiwi! I eat them. All of them. Celery juice every morning is restoring my digestion, and eating other healing foods as well is giving me the ability to eat more healing foods. It’s a win win!

~ My digestion is better - if I do get gas, I know it's a food I'm not ready for, because if I'm eating properly for my body, there's no gas. I'll spare you the details of the other ways I know. But it's better. I can tell that I'm absorbing the nutrients from the foods and supplements I'm taking and not just making super expensive urine, as has happened in the past from malabsorption.
~ I've been tracking my urinary frequency and BM frequency with an app on my phone, and things have greatly settled down in that department. Not such a ridiculous number of times a day anymore. That's pretty awesome!

Since I did the cleanse, my son has also started on a regimen of supplements and I’ve slowly been adjusting the food he eats to contain more of the healing foods as I just stopped having any “no” foods available.
He no longer has nightmares.
He had a stutter which has gone away  - this came with the addition of the Heavy Metals Detox Smoothie and a Zeolite supplement called “ACZ Nano”.
He has less panic.
He is more able to have his anxiety and still “do the thing”. Before his anxiety would be too overwhelming and he would go into a panic attack.
He has been able to make and play with friends online in a group, which was not something he could do before. One on one was all he could handle.

This doesn’t mean that all of my symptoms have miraculously gone, or that I don’t have the occasional flare of my symptoms. I do. But I have noticed that when there IS a flare, it’s never been as bad as it was every day of my life before I started down this path. And I always have secure knowledge that when it happens, it’s only temporary, which is a huge about-face from how it was before.

Before, a recurrence of symptoms was filled with dread and panic, because “OMG it’s all coming back it will never  leave I am never going to get better this is my life now AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!”

But now I know that it’s just a bump in the road, and that my healing continues as long as I eat the healing foods and take my supplements - it’s a certainty. A bout of strep or a flu isn’t going to take us back to where we were, chronically ill and in pain every day and unable to move or do anything. It’s just a temporary thing, and will pass, as our bodies get stronger and more able to fight them off for longer periods.

I still have a lot of healing to do. My body is deconditioned by years of chronic pain and fatigue. I have strength to build. My liver needs cleansing to be able to fully release all the extra fat I carry, and I’ll need to build my strength and stamina to be able to exercise to tone and condition my body.
But now I can. I know that it’s  a possibility now, where it never really felt like it could be before - not for many many years now.
I’m back in life again. I’m able to be with my family. We travel in the RV. We explore together. We go on adventures together. I take my dog for walks sometimes, when I’m able. I’m able to more and more. I go for walks with my family. Soon I’ll be able to hike again. It just keeps improving now, things just keep getting better and better.

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  1. You are amazing and your story is inspiring! I am cheering you on from Canada 🇨🇦 Blessings to you and your family.


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