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Ten Months In - What Has Medical Medium Done for me Lately?: Part 2: The Cleanse

Part 1 of this story is here.
Let’s recap the Medical Medium cleanse that I did back in June of 2016, shall we?

Day 1: Energy I'd never had before. Miracle level energy. Enough energy to prepare myself the juice, smoothies, and foods for the cleanse. I'm not even doing the full cleanse yet, because I eat lamb for dinner, and apple cider vinegar. But I'm "buzzing". I have this "alive" feeling in my cells I'm not used to. My mood feels lighter, I feel alert and clear-headed.

Day 2: Again with the alive, buzzing feeling after drinking the celery juice. I notice the edema in my feet is so much less that my feet just look like regular feet. I also notice my mood is lighter still and I feel pretty good. I want to get up and do things. I took the dog out without exhaustion afterward. I go outside twice today and can walk all around the yard. Usually I can't go very far, only a little way. This is blowing my mind.

Day 3: I'm able to do chores around the house and some cleaning. I'm able to be present with my son and engage with him. I do laundry, clean the kitchen, make the bed. No exhaustion afterward. Still no edema in my feet. No swelling. I feel amazing, and it's only been THREE days.

Day 4: Noticing that non-cleanse foods make me feel less great. Still feeling amazing with no edema. Still clear, energetic.

Day 5: Husband colored my hair with henna and I didn't react to the strong smell. Slight edema, but the weather has been very hot. Vision less hazy. Eyebrows less flaky. Feeling clear, lucid, present, like brain is back online. Less itching all over body. Feeling hope for the first time in years!

Day 6: Sleeping better. Less bothered by the heat. Feeling more rested after sleep. Feeling alive and clearer and hopeful. Showering again because I CAN now. Wanting to get dressed in the mornings rather than just live in pajamas. HUGE.

Day 7: Spiritual cleansing. By which I mean I had an experience at night that I can only describe as spiritual cleansing. As I am at a loss to adequately sum it up, you’re welcome to read about it by clicking the link to the post.
Day 8: Needing rest, but still enough energy to make all the food. Still way more energy than before, just feeling the need for rest and self-care.
Day 9: Barometric pressure change which usually takes me out - I feel it, but less so than usual. Brain isn't going to worst case scenario when confronted. Able to seek solutions rather than more problems. Fibromyalgia pain less.

Day 12: Standing and walking a lot, still have energy, no pain except in back, sleepy but not exhausted/drained at end of day.

Day 13: Have not had any POTS or Dysautonomia symptoms since starting this cleanse - I can bend over and stand up quickly and I feel the same - I can do these things without feeling faint! Whoa. Also no weird heart palpitations. What???

Day 14: Added dulse, had strong mast cell reaction. Added cooked sweet potatoes to slow down cleanse.

Day 15: Energy returning, clear head, body odor decreasing (not that I stank, but just normal level decreasing).
Day 16: Anxiety had been subsiding, but triggering event brought it back. Barometric changes causing pain and inflammation in body. Tried spirulina, too much detox, decided not to do heavy metals cleanse until later when more healing has happened.

Day 17: Huge stressful situation did NOT cause flare as it would have in the past. Anxiety level lower than expected given the situation at the time.

Day 20: I'm feeling stronger and happier, I'm more easily able to get through things, I seem to be reacting much less to things that usually trigger me. My skin seems to be getting clearer by the day. Dare I hope!

Day 21: I'm feeling so much more positive, despite massive amounts of stress being heaped upon our lives right now. It's going to be worked out, right? The angels say yes.

Day 22: Mast cell reaction to adrenaline and stress.

Day 24: Stressful situation broke with support and prayers. Back pain lessening, so much relief from stress.

Day 26: Was able to go to scented building without mask. Did yard work. Got a bit stiff from being deconditioned, but still felt good.

Day 28: Just the beginning.

So a summary of my results from the 28 Day cleanse :
~ The swelling in my feet has gone down significantly.
~ I have actual energy to do things in my day.
~ I'm getting stronger and stronger.
~ There is less pain in my back.
~ I can stand for longer periods of time, and walk for longer.
~ I can leave the house without a mask - that is huge.
~ Leaving the house doesn't mean days of recovery afterward.
~ My anxiety levels have dropped so significantly I feel like I can function again (make phone calls, meet with people, make plans outside of my house).
~ I am able to do some level of physical labor, like working in the yard.
~ My brain fog has lessened dramatically.
~ I can bend over and do things much more, without feeling my heart race and my BP change.
~ I am present with my family again.
~ I have been able to do physical things to contribute to my family again.
~ I feel hopeful.
~ I've been much much more positive and upbeat in general.
~ I've been a lot less moody and irritable.
~ My son is excited because now we can plan things like going to the beach and to festivals.
And that was just the first 28 days.
If you're interested in reading the Medical Medium book, it can be purchased here

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