Friday, June 3, 2016

Medical Medium Cleanse: Celery Juice and Raw Food Day 3

As discussed in my previous post, I'm documenting the effects of drinking 16 oz celery juice every morning (and transitioning back to raw fruits and veggies). Today is Day 3.

 Day 1     Day 2

Day 3: I wake up SO TIRED, because for two nights in a row the animals I live with have taken turns playing "Let's See Who Can Disturb Echots'a Sleep the Most". I think to myself, "Well, even celery juice can't trump two nights of not enough sleep." I'm still groggy and tired even after my celery juice, and I resign myself to having a sleepy spoonie kind of day. I'm used to it - my life has been this for the past couple of years now. 

But then I start to wake up. I still feel TIRED, like a normal person who hasn't had enough sleep, but I don't feel that deep fatigue. 

I'm easily able to make my morning smoothie. I even tidy up the kitchen a little. Then I go do some laundry, and I pick up some things around the house. I put away the toilet paper in the bathroom and take the empty rolls into the kitchen to put in the recycling. I tidy the kitchen some more. I fold the laundry after I take it out of the dryer, and I do it STANDING THE WHOLE TIME. WHO AM I RIGHT NOW?!? I can NEVER do these things - ALL these things in one day?!? 

I usually have to have my husband bring the basket to me, then I fold the laundry while sitting on the sofa and putting it away takes days. 

Today, I put away ALL the laundry after folding it. I tidy up the laundry room. I pull all the sheets off the bed (I usually ask my husband to do this because even this is too exhausting to me). I'll of course have him make the bed - that is WAY too big a job for me, it would take me out for days if I tried to do such a task (the far side of our bed is accessible only by climbing over it, so that's a big deal). 

I do have to take a break and sit for awhile, but NOT because I'm exhausted and fatigued. Because again, my back is in so much pain - my core is so weak, I can't hold myself up for long. My son and I go outside with Muffins the Pug - he jumps on the trampoline, I walk around with Muffins. Again I am easily able to walk around the yard without fatigue, even after doing all the stuff inside. 

When we come back in, I do even more laundry. I do more cleaning in the kitchen - this time the whole stove, the countertops, and even a bit of cleaning some gunk off a cabinet frame that I have to stretch to reach. I do more walking back and forth as I put all of this laundry away. 

My son and I get to talking about earwax and end up looking up earwax on Wikipedia. We learn a LOT about earwax, like to never clean it from the ear canal unless it gets dark brown or hard or flaky, because it's protective, and can actually do damage to clean it out all the time. We take an earwax quiz together, then we take some DanTDM (one of his favorite YouTubers) quizzes. We talk and laugh and connect. 

I still have energy when my husband gets home from work. We all go outside together. I pick cherries while my husband and son jump on the trampoline with Muffins. For the second night in a row, I make salads for dinner for both my husband and myself. He uses our regular dressing, I use the delicious blended avocado. 

Today my food has all been the same again, but no meat at all. I have a couple of Gimme Seaweed chips after dinner, then later some fresh cherries and a banana. After my husband has long gone to bed, I realize I've forgotten to ask him to make the bed. (Which includes putting on the fitted sheet)

I'm not going to wake him because he needs his sleep. I realize I feel like I can make the bed. 

I MAKE THE BED, and I'm not even huffing and puffing. It's easy. *I* MADE the bed! I can't even believe it. It's late at night - after midnight. I'm usually just a haze of brain fog at this time. My body usually feels like lead at this time. And here I am, effortlessly making a bed! 

And still, my brain is alert, I feel alive, I feel like a human being and not a hazy lead weight. And my feet are still just normal feet. No swelling. Even with walking around a lot and the heat, still no swelling. This is blowing my mind. It's only been THREE DAYS. 

If you're interested in reading this book, it can be found here. 

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