Sunday, June 5, 2016

Medical Medium Cleanse: Celery Juice and Raw Food Day 5

As discussed in my original post, I'm documenting the effects of drinking 16 oz celery juice every morning (and transitioning back to raw fruits and veggies). Today is Day 5.

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Day 5: Woke up feeling all right. Got some more laundry going, made my celery juice and drank it down. Maybe a little fast. 

Husband kindly henna'd my hair, and it didn't smell as strong to me as it usually does. I didn't react to the smell. 

Today I noticed that my skin isn't as dry around my eyebrows. I usually have this thing where my eyebrows get flaky and shed skin. I just realize that hasn't happened for days.

In noticing that, I also noticed my vision seems clearer. Not sharper, but I was having these weird hazes in my eyes on occasion - I haven't seen them in days. 

There's a tiny bit of swelling in my feet today. It's also 97 degrees Fahrenheit outside. 

Was able to easily rinse off all the henna and get dressed after the shower without issue. That would usually take me out for the rest of the day. Instead I did more laundry (we have big items that have been waiting for someone to wash them, so I'm catching up on those too), folded said laundry, put away said laundry. 

Morning smoothie was the same deal - banana, frozen mango, wild blueberries, hemp milk, water, supplements. 

Lunch was the salad (lettuce, cucumber, red pepper with avocado/cilantro/garlic/salt dressing).

Went outside to pick cherries for my afternoon snack. Also had a banana to fuel me for the cherry picking. It's 97 F degrees outside today, and I noticed that even though we're in a/c, I am feeling sleepy around 7 pm (this is when I have that snack). Maybe it's actually time for dinner - lunch was really late as well. 

I do have these annoying little painful heat blisters on my pinky fingers - I also get those in the heat. They itch and feel tight and painful. 

My mood is still pretty good - I'm impressed with how easily I'm handling things and how much clearer and PRESENT I feel. Yes, that's it, too - I'm present!

My brain feels like it's back online, too - no brain fog - I'm clear, lucid, present - I can think and remember words and even retrieve them at will - this is a feat, because I couldn't do any of these things well before. 

I think I'm even sleeping better. Knock on wood. I feel more restored. Is that possible? Oh my goodness. This is just....please, to all the Unknown Angels, let this effect be lasting and real! This is amazing. I'm READING again, whenever I want to, and comprehending what I read, and remembering it. Note that everything I note here is huge, because these are all things I wasn't able to do with brain fog.  

Today my skin feels really smooth on my face - like not dirty or oily, but smooth - it hasn't felt like this in a long time. It always feels a little dirty and oily, no matter what I do to it. Not today!

Today I began The Healing Path, which is an audio course of sorts offered by The Medical Medium, free on his website. It's all about healing foods and how/why they're healing. 

I've also been hanging out a bit in the Facebook group for support for the book, which has been educational as well. The people there are so kind and full of love and support. It feels really good there. 

I usually have bouts of itching at night, all over my body but mostly on my back. It has lessened significantly. Not gone fully, but so much less. Once or twice vs a dozen or more times.

I feel so much hope! I haven't felt this kind of hope in .... I don't even remember, because this is REAL hope, not fearful "what if" hope. I find myself imagining the "after" picture now. And it feels real and attainable. 

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  1. wow Echota! I'm so very ecstatically happy for you! Knew you'd find a way! That our Echota, always finds a way! I'm so happy!


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