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Medical Medium Cleanse: Celery Juice and Raw Food Day 8

As discussed in my original post, I'm documenting the effects of drinking 16 oz celery juice every morning (and transitioning back to raw fruits and veggies). Today is Day 8.

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Bam. I didn't publish Day 7 due to the personal nature of some of the experience, but it was ALL GOOD, I promise. Amazing, in fact. Spiritual, cleansing, and eye-opening. 

I keep going into the various Facebook groups dedicated to the Medical Medium book, and learning a lot. There is information not in the book - more specific things. People share their specific readings with approved practitioners, and there is a lot of information that comes from anthony's Soundcloud and Hay House podcasts, as well. Every month people put questions to the group and he will answer a few each Monday as time allows, and even the information in those answers, though individualized, helps with learning more about this. It's all fascinating. 

A few friends whose poor ears I've talked off about this are also reading the book, and I'm bouncing with excitement and the thought of having someone I know personally to share about this with and compare notes. I'm talking to anyone who will listen, particularly friends who are struggling as hard as I have been - I want relief for everyone! I want to share this with them all, and see if it resonates. 

I know everyone has their own path, but if I can in any way offer any person any kind of relief from what I have learned, that is such a gift. It's so exhausting and difficult to keep living a life of suffering. It really grates at the psyche. It is demoralizing and painful and so so lonely. Anything that offers relief from that is an amazing gift. I'm trying hard not to sound like some kind of zealot, but how can I? I feel quite zealous about this! Because it's real! And when you go into the Facebook groups and read people's stories and see just how much healing has's so inspiring!

Today, I made my celery juice, and for the first time, I did it without water! I figured out the trick: just put a couple of handfuls of chopped celery in at first, and blend. THEN add the rest of the whole bunch, and it will blend right into the other celery liquid, no water needed! It only took me a week to figure that one out. I can haz smahtz!

Followed by lemon water, of course - gotta get that living water into the body! More healing and flushing out of toxins! 

Today's smoothie, courtesy of my husband, who tirelessly goes to the grocery store every couple of days ("How do you need MORE produce already? I just bought you a bunch two days ago!") to restock my produce habit: 1 banana, a handful (or a little more) of mango chunks, 2 giant kale leaves, 1 cup hemp milk (I'm just trying to use it up at this point, it really needs to be water), blueberries, all my supplements, 5 ice cubes (to keep it nice and cold). 

I'm trying to have my "lunch" before 5 pm today so I don't AGAIN skip my dinner salad. It just keeps getting later and later. I get filled up! But I know I'm supposed to be eating it. 

Lunch was before 5! It was at 4ish - the Universe has such a sense of humor. 

Salad with spring mix, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, parsley, and of course the avocado dressing with cilantro, garlic powder, salt. I never tire of it, it's so yummy! Not to mention super easy to make. 

Had for snack: a big juicy peach! 

Another salad, same as before, except added spinach and red peppers. I'm a simple human. I like easy, at least for now. after the cleanse I'm sure I'll get all kinds of creative with recipes and such. Right now I'm all about the simple. 

Snack of 1 banana and way too many dates. Oops. 

Last night I asked the Angels of Sleep and Dreams, Healing and the Unknown Angels for healing while we slept, for guidance towards the things that would bring the most healing, for a peaceful comfortable restorative night's sleep, and no nightmares for my sweet boy. Oh, and also for more connection with them, more guidance on how to connect. Just general invitations to be involved for our highest good. I think it all worked, because we had a nice long night's rest until the morning when I was dreaming about Cars (like from the Pixar movie) trying to have sex. WTF, brain? It was more conceptual than actual physical actions. What kind of weirdo is my brain?

I honestly don't remember my other dreams, but I do know I had many. I really am feeling more rested in the mornings. It's a foreign feeling, one I haven't had in so long I cannot remember when. I like it, happythankyoumoreplease! 

I've been making sure to take the time to go outside and soak up the sun, but also meditate on the beautiful things out there. I watch the skies, the trees, the grass, the foliage. I love my yard so much, I'm no longer so sure we want to sell this house and leave. But we do. Do we? Yep, this is what it's been like inside my brain. So many reasons to go, so many to stay. It's a dilemna. 

I just feel so clear and alive. How do I even explain that? When you haven't had this feeling for like two years or more, the feeling of having it is so special and beautiful and weird, but in the best possible way. It's like waking up from a sleep. I KNEW I was in here somewhere, I just KNEW it. I wasn't present for SO long. I wasn't able to be. I wanted it SO much, I mourned it, and I felt like I might never get it back. I vaguely remembered what it was like. My BFF and I would talk about it, how we weren't present, because everything felt like going through fog.

But I've been present all week - this is the 8th day now where I'm HERE, I'm ME, I am with my family again. They're loving it, too -  my beautiful empathic son sees it, and is asking me to do more things with him. He's letting me read to him again at night - partly because we're going to bed SO much earlier, which he's definitely NOT thrilled about, but is reluctantly complying with anyway, because I let him know it's a need for me. He's been asking me to come outside with them when they go bounce on the trampoline. I don't bounce with them, but I walk around and stay close and sometimes bring the folding camp chair out to sit with them while they bounce. I enjoy being outside in the sunshine. The heat isn't bothering me, even though it's been the hottest days of the year lately.

My son is loving how I'm having my husband buy so much fruit lately - he's loving the bounty of fruit! Grapes, white nectarines, apricots, cherries from our tree, oranges - oh, he s LOVING the oranges! We didn't have citrus for SO long! And now when I give him oranges as an option to eat, he joyfully says, "Orange! I want an orange!" And who can blame him - I remember oranges being my absolute favorite food as a kid. I LOVED them. 

Looking back at all these entries and thinking about how they are continuing, I'm wondering if I ought to have started a new blog just for this topic. Maybe I still will, and just copy all of this over. IDK. Maybe not right this second though. A thought to percolate on. 

I SWEAR I feel like weight is shedding from my body, but I have no scale. I'll just pay attention, maybe I'll notice how clothes fit or something and be able to tell that way. I'm definitely thinking it probably has to do with the lessening of inflammation in my body. 

Today I was able to tidy and organize some extraneous craft stuff that has literally been sitting waiting to be dealt with for months now. I separated out the stuff I thought people might want, to list on Craigslist. I threw away the things that were just trash, and THEN I took out the trash and the recycling. UNHEARD of! All of these things - I couldn't have done ANY of them before.

As usual since the cleanse started, my back crapped out before my energy waned. So I'm taking a break and writing this little update.

I just realize after taking my shower that another thing is that for the past 3 days I think? I've been naturally wanting to get dressed every day, not just be in my pajamas. I've been putting on a bra, and a shirt and shorts (have I mentioned it's ben hot?). 

Today I took a shower and it didn't even feel like a chore like it usually does. I WANTED to take that shower, I didn't NEED to take that shower. I mean I did need it, but it wasn't past the point of no return. And it was easy this time. A shower is usually an ordeal that is as exhausting as any other task, and takes lots of spoons. Getting dressed after was easy. The whole thing didn't use all of my energy reserves. 

I took a walk in the yard  - a creativity walk - as suggested by the Healing Path module - and along the way I photographed all kinds of flowers in my yard. I saw some hummingbirds! Several of them in fact. They were checking me out since I was near their patch of flowers. I photographed bumblebees and honeybees - we have lavender and virginia creeper, and some other flowering shrubbery the bumbles love that I don't know the name of.

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