Thursday, June 9, 2016

Medical Medium Cleanse: Celery Juice and Raw Food Day 9

As discussed in my original post, I'm documenting the effects of drinking 16 oz celery juice every morning (and transitioning back to raw fruits and veggies). Today is Day 9.

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I think today might be a day of rest. Last night wasn't a restful sleep. IDK what was going on, but whew, I'm sleepy today from not feeling like I really properly slept last night. I may even take a nap. 

The feet swelling is still happening, though I will say that it has still been significantly less than ever before.  But it's there. Perhaps still toxins to be worked out of my system. I did an epsom salt foot bath last night to help the swelling, which seemed to offer some relief. 

Food today:

20 oz celery juice
lemon water all day
Smoothie: 1 cup hemp milk, 1 banana, equivalent of 1 frozen mango, blueberries, ice, water, supplements
Salad: lettuce, red pepper, apple, tomato, cucumber, parsley, dressing (avocado, cilantro, garlic powder, onion powder)
1 banana
2 apricots
10 dates
1 white nectarine
Salad: spring mix, red pepper, apple, tomato, cucumber, parsley, dressing (avocado, cilantro, garlic powder, onion powder)
1 banana before bed to help with sleep

It's just a low energy day. Still clear-headed, still way more energy than I had before starting this - more of a sleepy day. Feet are still a little swollen, I just feel like a nap and taking it easy. My body feels sore today. Am I detoxing more? Was it something I ate yesterday? I added the spinach and spring greens, and I ate more dates than usual - way more.

Well. I'll just listen to my body and rest. I've got some movies queued up I can watch. 

I'll definitely be going to bed early tonight, and making the effort to be as comfortable as possible while I sleep. I'm the princess and the pea where even the wrong clothing will affect my sleep, and my cat coming in and out of the bedroom certainly doesn't help things.

I know that days like this are a part of the healing process, so I'm not defeated or anything like that - my spirits are still up, I just know I need to rest more. The biggest part of healing is rest! 

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