Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Adrenal Experiment Day 1

Inspired by my experience with the adrenal snacks providing me with so much stability and revitalization the other day (and in the last whenever I've eaten them), I decided to do an experiment with myself. I've set alarms on my phone for every 1.5 hours to remind me to have an adrenal snack.

I've been eating plenty of fruits and veggies, and I have my salads and smoothies and celery juice daily, but I've been lax about having the adrenal snacks, only remembering to have them every now and again.

But not this week. I'm set. In addition to my normal routine, I will make sure I have adrenal snacks throughout the day, and note any differences I feel. 

In case you're interested, my daily routine will now look like this:

10:00 AM: wake, 16 oz celery juice
10:25 AM: B12, Sovereign Silver, tinctures, Mary Ruth Organics AM (these are all taken individually about 30 sec apart from each other)
10:30 AM: Lemon water and morning supplements (NeuroMag, Mag Glycinate, 5 HTP, Curcumin, Ester C)
10:45 AM: Heavy Metals Detox Smoothie
12:30 PM: adrenal snack
2:00 PM: adrenal snack (this one is most likely my lunch salad) and supplements (l-lysine, ester C)
3:00 PM: B12 and sovereign silver
3:30PM: adrenal snack
5:00 PM: adrenal snack (most likely my dinner salad with cooked potato) and supplements (l-lysine, Ester C)
6:30 PM: adrenal snack
8:00 PM: adrenal snack and tinctures
9:30 PM: adrenal snack and bedtime supplements (NeuroMag, Mag Glycinate, Ester C, Curcumin)
10:00 PM: Mary Ruth Organics PM multi

Yesterday was my first day. I thought it might be difficult since we were out at a friend's but it turned out not to be - when the alarm on my phone went off, I'd pull out an adrenal snack and make myself eat it. Yesterday I had two that were banana/lettuce/dates, two apple/celery/date, my smoothies (which counts because of the ingredients) and my salad.

I found it was sometimes difficult to eat because I wasn't yet feeling hungry, but they really kept me satiated all day and I didn't experience any cravings for other things, either. I did have much more consistent energy throughout the day and my thoughts were sharper.

Toward the end of the day I felt grumpy and irritated - having to do with where we are relocating, I think? Housing cost vs expectation, weather reality vs where we intended to live, things like that. But I voiced it rather than holding it in and lashing out, and that helped. I also asked my husband to rub my feet for confort and asked the angels for help, and that helped , too.

I slept fairly well but had active dreams. Today I feel sharp still, as is evidenced by my writing blog posts again. It seems that when I feel a bit more cloudy I tend to not blog at all.

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