Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Adrenal Experiment Day 3

Because it's still a lot for me to keep up with daily posts. I'm working on it. 

Day 2 I felt good all day - stronger, more energetic, more focused, less brain fog.

I managed to eat all of my adrenal snacks but one, I think. 

Toward the end of the day, which did prove to be a stressful day due to external circumstances, I did become irritable and grouchy. But like I said, stressful external circumstances.

Day 3 again, at a friend's house but still did all my adrenal snacks but one. Felt physically strong and clear, but I did also notice some difficulty in processing and connecting my mouth to my brain. As this hapens to me frequently, I cannot attribute it entirely to eating the snacks - it's a sign of neurological damage that I am still working to heal, and it will just take time. Maybe some detox going on with the damage coming out more.

Again with the stress, feeling frustrated, resigned, sad, unsure, put me in a bad place.

But again feeling physically well, more energy throughout the day, less of that crashing feeling.

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