Friday, July 21, 2017

Adrenal Experiment Derailed

Well, my adrenal experiment went awry, not because what was happening was bad, but because life happens, and life has been particularly challenging lately in external circumstances. And I just haven't been able to pay attention to keeping track of feeding my adrenals. Sorry, adrenals, I'll keep doing my best! 

In no particular order...

We find ourselves dealing with some logistical challenges to being able to live in this new area, which has been very stressful for us. Some things we thought would be improvements turned themselves into impediments...and it's getting tricky.

We found out that some friends back in the midwest were in a house fire and the wife was badly burned - 3rd degree over 70% of her body. Her condition is critical and their family is in my heart, prayers and thoughts constantly.

There was a day we went out for the day and I'd packed a cooler full of snacks to sustain us and my husband left it at home, and that same day there was an indicent with my trying to be in the grocery store by myself, and people lacking compassion, and that just set me back.

We had a tornado warning in the area, which was my son's first, since he grew up in the Pacific Northwest where the natural disaster du' jour would be either volcanoes erupting or earthquakes, none of which happened while we lived there. So the having to drop everything when the sirens sounded and head to the main clubhouse basement for shelter with all of the other park inhabitants did NOT amuse him at all. He was pretty freaked out. Muffins and Frenzie came, too, and that's the photo you're looking at up there. 

I've been having maybe extra detox with a supplement I'm taking and in addition to skin issues and brain fog a bit, I've also been having extra fatigue and pain in my body. Not cool, Cat's Claw! I'll be backing WAY down on you.

We're having a lot of feelings of loss about our family's direction. Where to live, how to go about it, what is the best thing for us right now.

I'm sure all of this nonsense is made worse by my not properly supporting my already depleted adrenals. My sleep has been bad, I cannot seem to get restful sleep. We cannot have the A/C on in the RV overnight for reasons, and the mugginess and heat seep in as we sleep are not helpful.

There are a lot of things about this area that really aren't working for me health-wise. And that sucks because my son really wants to hang  out with this family that lives here, and so do we.

It's been a struggle for us lately, one we are both processing and looking for ways to work through. So that left my adrenal experiment all wonky, because for the life of me I could NOT follow my phone alarms and just eat when I was supposed to.

However, I HAVE been managing at least ONE adrenal snack each day, which I will call progress, because I had pretty much let it slide before. And if you count my morning smoothie and my salads, I've really been managing three. And that's huge.

The adrenal experiment will happen! For now I'm just going to do my best and also do my best to report the results. 

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