Monday, October 6, 2008

versatile raw mushroom burgers

The other day I made a batch of mushroom burgers, and we feasted for days. I discovered that they were good so many different ways! And since I'd made enough for three meals of two burgers apiece, we did just that.

The Raw 50 Burger (from The Raw 50)

1 c soaked almonds (4-6 hours or overnight)
1 c soaked sunflower seeds
½ c minced celery
½ c chopped mushrooms
1/3 c grated carrots
2 Tbs tahini
2 Tbs sesame seeds
1 Tbs minced raw olives (I left these out since I didn't have any)
Juice of ½ lemon
¼ minced onion
½ tsp apple cider vinegar
Garlic powder and salt to taste

Put all together in food processor and process. Or process separately and mix together in bowl. Shape into patties and dehydrate on a teflex sheet. Perhaps start with 2 hours per side @ 105 degrees. I'm not really sure, since I overdid it a bit. Just keep checking on them and don't let them get too dry.

I served mind three different ways: once with a lettuce leaf bun, sprouts,and
Fruit guacamole
; once with regular Raw guacamole , sprouts and sauerkraut (this was PERFECT, IMO); once with tomato sauce that I made:

Tomato sauce

¾ c dehydrated tomatoes, soaked 1 hour
¾ cup tomatoes, diced
honey to taste
Italian spices, garlic powder and salt to taste

Bend all together in food processor until you have a thick sauce.

I love the versatility of these burgers - I will definitely make them again and again. So delicious!