Tuesday, September 1, 2009

camping with special foods

Wow, am I proud of myself! I just returned from an entire weekend of camping with my two guys and we had only our prepared food the whole weekend. I mean, I managed to prepare enough food beforehand by spending ALL of Thursday in the kitchen preparing foods we could eat. Amazingly, we were well-fed the whole weekend, and no complaints.

A favourite, which I'd been wanting to make for awhile but never had THAT many red peppers at once, was Carmella's Pepperama Wraps. So delicious! I filled them with raw sunflower refried beans, cucumbers, guacamole, red peppers and lettuce. A few nonraw friends tried them, and they loved them! I am always so delighted when that happens - I love sharing my delicious raw fare, because I just KNOW that if people knew that raw tasted like this, they'd never doubt - we'd ALL be raw!

So apparently with a bit of preparation, we can camp with all of our special diets, and everyone can get fed. Maybe I just need to spend a whole day in the kitchen every now and again and just have food made for the week that way...

unlikely. But good to know it is possible.