Friday, April 28, 2017

when the power lines took me down

We finally reached the Midwest to see our families, and immediately upon driving into the RV Park we'd be living in for the next several days, we spotted the power lines.

"Uh oh," my husband said as he saw them, "Are you going to be okay here?" He knew from experience that I tend to be very sensitive to such things and they can cause me so many issues. 

"I don't know," I answered, "I guess we'll find out."

Apparently the answer is not so much. We've been there only a few days and clearly the toxin load there was way too high for this body. I've been eating cleanly, taking extra supplements to boost my immune system, getting outside for walks, and still the pain levels in my body increased drastically while we were there. That even included the all over body pain known as my "Fibro" pain - I hadn't experienced that level of pain in months. Again, the little 8 pound cat walking on my skin felt like shooting pain, and I couldn't bear to be touched.

In addition to the pain, my tinnitus went crazy, my fatigue and brain fog creeped up, aches and pains are returning all over, and in the interest of not going all TMI, let's just say there were other symptom flares as well. It was reminiscent of when I'd just begun to heal, and if I didn't know for sure that this would be temporary, it would have seriously scared me. It certainly turned me into a crabby scrappy human for a few days. Being in pain 24/7 makes it incredibly difficult to be nice and kind and positive.

This has always happened to me when I visited this metropolitan area. Allergies go haywire, I get really sick, pain increases. In that area in particular, I found myself extra sick and unable to get out of bed the last couple of times we visited. I hoped that because this time I was armed with the healing foods and all of the amazing information Anthony William, the Medical Medium offers, I'd be better able to withstand the onslaught. 

But this body in its current healing state was no match for the toxin load of those EMFs and whatever else those power lines emit. I'm doing my best to keep it at bay as much as possible and I think I am actually, despite everything that is happening. But it's a good reminder of just how affected we can be by our environment. Allow me to be the canary in the coalmine, it seems to have been my job these past few years. I'm used to it now. I've accepted that this body is extra sensitive, and that many things that others do with ease and oblivion to the dangers, I just cannot. 
Despite all of this, I am so grateful to Anthony William for all of the information he continues to offer for our collective healing. Without it all I never would have even been able to travel at all. Or if I did, I'd be stuck in the RV 24/7 while I watched my family go places. I'd have been too sick to join them at all. Despite all that happened to my body from those power lines and whatever else is in that area that takes me out, I am still stronger and healthier than I was at my sickest. Even in all of that pain. I still am functional on a level I never was back then. So my sickest NOW is still BETTER than my best then, just 10 months ago. And that is pretty amazing. Setbacks like these now just remind me how amazingly far I've come, and that I now have the tools and knowledge I need to recover from these setbacks fairly quickly.

Healing is not a straight upward line, it veers sometimes. There are setbacks. Things happen like travel and stress and power lines and pesticides being sprayed nearby, and we get knocked down. But not all the way down. Not anymore. And we know, armed with this powerful knowledge, how to get back up again.

This setback is temporary and I know that, so it's okay. This too shall pass. We're in a different park now today, in the heart of the downtown area. Amazingly, despite being in an industrial area, my pain is already subsiding. I'm already feeling more clear and energetic. I wasn't 100% positive it was the power lines that were taking me down there, because there were so many other possibilities as well. But the proof is in the pudding, isn't it? It didn't take very long for that pain to abate once we were away from them.

It blows even my mind. I don't know what I'll feel like tomorrow after a full night's sleep, but right now as I prepare for bed several hours after being away from those lines, there is no doubt in my mind that those lines were sapping my health away and causing everything to flare. My tinnitus has drastically reduced again since being away from them, as well, as well as ALL of the other symptoms that were flaring.

I'm so glad I have the healing foods and supplements to recover myself from this. Because I want to be able to see my family and enjoy my time with them while I'm here, not spend it sick and recovering in bed like I have had to in the past. And now I get to.  

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I like Breathing Clean Air When I Can Find It

Today we drove from Roswell, NM to Amarillo, TX and man alive, I did not realize how much I missed having humidity in the air. For the past month plus we've been in the desert, which for me is a really interesting place to visit, but I was honestly ready to get out of the dry air. 

I was born into humidity and have been in humidity my whole life, so this was the first time I've experienced a complete lack of moisture in the air. Although the dry was nice for things like how quickly our clothing dried when hanging after the wash or swimming, breathing dry air all the time was not as fun. And the floors of the RV - the moisture has gone out of them so much that the floors are developing huge gaps between the floorboards - that's really not good. 

Our drive was through the most disgusting stretches of factory farmland - it was heartbreaking and horrible and I cannot believe there is any part of any human being that finds this practice acceptable. The stench was unlike anything I've ever smelled, and those poor cows were in such abhorrent conditions. The smell lasted for miles and miles after we'd passed each one. And the farms themselves were vast. No one should ever eat anything that comes from those places, not if they want to achieve health. Not the meat or the grains. 

On a related note, Anthony William, the Medical Medium I go on about, did a podcast just this past Monday called "Environmental Illness" that talked about factory farming and pesticide use in conventional agriculture. If you want to listen to it yourself, it can be found here on Soundcloud. He also talks about carpet chemicals, paint, mold and other airborne toxins that threaten our health. 

He also did a blog post on the subject that can be found here

I learned from that podcast that even worse than all of the pesticides (if you can imagine anything worse for our health) and as bad as or worse than any car exhaust or diesel fumes is the burning of those pesticides. He said that agricultural....I mean conventional farms use this plastic that is already industrial (not food grade) plastic they put on or next to the crops as row covers. Then when they drench everything with pestides wearing  Hazmat suits, after the pesticides have soaked into the foods, they take all that pesticide-coated plastic and they BURN IT. 

No one knows about it or if they do, they don't realize how incredibly toxic this is. Not JUST the burning plastic, which is horrible, but the pesticides when they burn. In the spring when everyone's allergies go insane and people start getting sick - Anthony said it's not (just) the pollen that's the culprit. This is when they are burning all of this plastic. He says that they do it in all the states but that California has it the absolute worst (presumably because that's where they grow the food). 

I thought you might want to know about that, because I had no idea, and like he said, I doubt many people do. This ties into when we were driving by all the farmland where they keep the cattle they're going to slaughter....again, factory farms. The stench is unbearable, I cannot imagine anyone living in those conditions, and yet there were houses. I couldn't believe it. It went on for hundreds of miles,  but the energy there - it was just dead. You could see it in the cattle all bunched so tightly together in pens, you could feel it in the air. You could see it in the buildings, falling apart and decrepit, just factories these places were, and these cattle - I think death is the best thing one could wish for them all at this point, it was that bad. 

I didn't take any photos. I don't want to have a record of this horriffic scene, it's already emblazoned on my psyche for life. It was really hard to look at and even harder to smell. And lest anyone think that's "just what farms smell like", let me assure you that it is NOT.  I have been to grassfed free-range cattle farms and there is an organic cow manure small that is natural and farm-like, for lack of a better description. This was NOT that. This smelled like death and decay and chemicals  - it was far beyond anything I've ever experienced, or that anyone should ever have to experience, man or beast. Worse than any pig farm. As we drove past the slaughterhouse I couldn't even imagine what it looks or feels like in there (I've seen photos, cannot unsee).

It's so important to know where our food comes from, and to be connected to that. When we ate beef, we knew our farmer and their cows. We'd go to their farm and pet the cows and watch them live out their happy lives before they became food. Heck, we even went to the processors ourselves to pick up the meat after slaughter.

I don't begrudge people eating meat  - humans are omnivores after all. But there are better ways - healthier ways - to care for our food. It tastes better when it has a good life - meat and plants alike. It tastes better because it IS better - it's healthier, and it makes us healthier too. Not just us, but the planet that we live on. How did we become so far removed from our food in just a few short generations that factory farming has become a viable option? And how long will it take us to see that it really is not? 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

What's Life Like for Us in an RV - Part 2

A friend of mine interviewed me, so I'm going to post some Q and A here about living in an RV after 6 months on the road.

For Part 1 of this interview, click here. 

My friend, the interviewer, is M. I'll post her questions
bold and green. I'm E, and my answers, as ever, will be purple. J is my husband and K is my son. And now, on to the interview! 

1. How DO you plan? Do you plan as a family where to go?

It varies greatly, actually. For the first portion of our trip, we knew we wanted to go to LEGOLAND. That was the end goal. So we planned everything around going to LEGOLAND, and I researched and found places we'd want to visit in between.

K loves aquariums, so we knew we had to go to Monterey Bay aquarium. We all love beaches, so of course we went to a beach in every place we stopped in California. I'd find places within an hour or two of each other for us to stop in, then find RV parks on or in the Good Sam road trip planning app.

I like because it gives you real people and real reviews for places. But also tells you exactly what amenities are there, what hookups they have, and if your rig will fit. Sometimes a place's website will say one thing and the reality is different, and this site tells you that.

I like the Good Sam road trip planning app because it will tell you the mileage between each RV park, the approximate time it will take to drive there going 60MPH, and it also gives you the campgrounds and things to do in the area if you check those boxes. That helps for the spreadsheet I keep, too.

I keep a spreadsheet that has places we're going, arrival and departure dates, address, phone, email, website, how much it cost us, mileage, deposits, etc. I got this from another Rver who uses it as a template, adjusted it to our needs, and it has been so great.

Google maps also has a feature called MyMaps that I use to keep a map of places we want to go, the RV parks we'll be staying in, attractions and where to get groceries nearby those places.

For the second leg of our trip, K had made a group of online friends, most of whom happen to live in the US. Two of the kids he was really clicking with were in Arizona, so I connected with their Mom and we planned a visit. That's where we are now. The next leg of our trip includes a visit to family in Missouri as we make our way to a gathering in Ohio where a good number of the kids from that group will also be.

From there we haven't decided yet. And a month ago we had no idea we'd be going to this gathering, either. 

2. Who drives?

J does. I keep saying I'm going to learn to drive the RV, but I just haven't yet. I thought I'd really need to because I get carsick when I'm not the driver, but because we've been able to drive for shorter periods, that actually hasn't been an issue at all. So there hasn't been a huge push for me to learn. But I will. 

3. What's the bathroom like (plane bathroom-like?)

It's not like a plane bathroom. It's different in every RV, but ours has a compost toilet in a room of its own. There's a cabinet behind the toilet where we keep toilet paper and such, and a magazine rack that we keep cloth wipes in, and a towel rack. There is a window to the right of the toilet if ou're sitting on it, so you can look out at the view when you're in there. It's actually quite nice.

Outside of that, the shower and the bathroom sink are connected to our bedroom, so the counter of the sink makes sort of a half wall. It makes it feel much more spacious having that "open floorplan". The shower is small but big enough to shower in, so it works. The water pressure isn't like a house, but it still works. The one thing most RVers dream of is having a proper bath and real water pressure for a shower. Oh, and hot water that lasts way too long.

Water conservation is a necessary thing in an RV shower, but you get used to it. 

4. Do you have a budget for accom, gas, food, entertainment?

Basically since right now we're living on savings, I "pay" our checking account out of that every month, the salary my husband was making, and that's what we use for our expenses. So not specifically, but kind of. Our grocery budget is similar to what it was in a house, and although usually we don't have utilities like gas, electric, water, or trash, we have monthly rent and storage fees, and internet and phones and of course fuel. Entertainment varies by where we are. In California it was really expensive, but in Arizona it's been almost nothing. 

5. Does the RV require repairs? Who does that?

RVs always require repairs, yes. There is always something coming apart or needing resealing because of travel and wear and tear. Luckily almost every RV park we've ever been in has a relationship with a mobile RV repair guy, and they will come to your site to do most repairs.

J can do the non-engine or electrical things that need doing like resealing and caulking the roof, and he does regular battery and tire checks, but for things like replacing the radiator tank we call the RV repair guy. We'd like to replace our refridgerator with a residential one, but that's going to take some modification to the inside of our RV, so we're waiting until we're somewhere for a longer spell and can remove the old one to do the modifications. 

6. What Mileage are you getting?

I have no idea, but it's probably something like 6 MPG. It's a 40' diesel pusher pulling a small car, plus all of our stuff, so it's not going to be good. 

7. How is exercising- walks?

Lately because we got sick again, plus the heat, not as good as we'd like. But usually in a new RV park the first think K and I like to do is take Muffins and explore the park. Usually there will be some sort of trails or cool plae to walk to, which has been great. Part of the fun of being in a new place is exploring it, even just the RV parks themselves. There can really be a lot to see!

When we were on the beach in San Diego, at the bay, we'd go every day for walks. everyone loved doing that. We really have gotten out of the habit here, because walking in the desert heat with the sun beating down on you just isn't fun. But there's always the next place!

8.Favorite place so far and why.

Monterey Bay/Santa Cruz. Everything. The aquarium is just spectacular, and they were super ADA compliant, and I felt really well taken care of there. Plus the aquarium itself is just the most amazing aquarium I've ever been in.

The bay and all the beaches are beautiful. It's a smaller place and just feels happy to be in. It has incredible character, and you can tell that the people who live there are there because they want to be.

Santa Cruz is the same. Smaller, gorgeous, artsy, kitchy, fun. I really wished we could stay longer than we did but we were running from the cole weather and the rains. They actually got snow this year!

I'd definitely go back again, it's a place I'd like to live for awhile maybe. 

9. What do you like most- and least- about the RV experience?

What I personally like most is the travel. I really never believed I liked traveling, so it makes it extra weird that I am the one who bought us an RV and said, "Let's go explore the US and see if we find somewhere healthier for me to live."

But it turns out that I don't hate travel, I just hate flying and staying in spaces that might potentially get me sick. I actually really love traveling when we get to bring all of our comforts with us and be sleeping in our own bed every night. If only we could take the RV to Hawaii, Europe or Costa Rica! Then we'd be set.

I love exploring new places and seeing all of the birds, flora and fauna in different places. I love seeing how different the foliage is to the places I've lived. I love feeling sand on my feet on beaches, and seeing all of the different skies and sunsets. And I love that I get to do all of that with my family.

What I like least is the things we miss about having a house. Space - being able to spread our stuff out all over. Separate rooms to go to for privacy and just space alone. Having a garden (although I do currently have a small herb garden in a pot and an aloe plant and am thinking of adding a small tower garden of herbs and leafy greens as well). The trampoline. 

10. Is it bringing you closer as a family?

In ways it is, because when we travel and aren't visiting someone, it's just the three of us (five if you count the pets). It's just us doing stuff together, exploring together, and that's pretty cool. We've always been a pretty close family though, so this is just even more of that I think. Especially right now with J not working and being a part of everything. I think it's helping him understand us better to be so integrated into our daily routine like this, since it isn't usually the case when he has to work 40 hours a week outside the home.

But yeah, it's really nice being this little unit together right now. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ten Months In - What Has Medical Medium Done for me Lately?: Part 3: The Update

Part 1 of this story is here.
Part 2 of this story is here.
Now it’s almost 10 months later, so what do I have to report?
~ A general lessening of my anxiety. I can make phone calls and sometimes talk to strangers and on occasion I’ve even ventured out into the world by myself. I’m still working on that, I think I have a lot to recover from that needs addressing. But it’s huge progress.
~ My depression has lifted. It used to be like a dark cloud hung over everything  - all of my thoughts would spiral to dark and negative thinking, and there was just so much “what’s the point” attached to everything. Now I feel as a baseline, a general sense of hopefulness and like things will be okay. I feel like I CAN do things rather than that they are so overwhelming.
~ I have had actual entire pain-free days. WHOLE pain-free days. That is….it’s HUGE. It’s nothing short of a miracle. I’ve been able to sit and stand and walk and move around, and though my lower back is still an issue for me, there have been days where it actually wasn’t. It blew my mind.

~ I haven’t needed any sort of pain relief medication other than Ibuprofen for a migraine in months. I used to use medical marijuana tinctures if I needed relief because of my narcotics allergy, but I haven’t needed them at all.
~ For a long time I was taking Low Dose Naltrexone - the only medication I didn’t react to - to take the edge off mf my Fibromyalgia pain. Just to take the edge off. I still had the pain. But it made the pain liveable. By some snafu a couple of months into being on this path, I forgot to have my prescription refilled and was without them for a full week. And I noticed that the edge did NOT come back. Before if I didn’t take them for a DAY I would feel it, I needed that LDN. But a whole week and it felt like it always did. So I never got that refill. And I never needed anything else, either.

~ The itching. It used so be all the time randomly I would get itching. Mostly on my back, but also on other areas of my body. I bought a back scratcher and used it daily, multiple times a day. Now I still have itching on my back at times, but I can go days without touching my back scratcher sometimes. That never happened before.
~ My hair isn’t falling out anymore.
~ I’ve had more stamina to do things when I am able. I can go for walks sometimes, and we’ve been swimming a lot since we’ve been in the RV park we’ve been in, which has been great for me.
~ Speaking of swimming, I can get in a chlorinated pool and not have an all over body reaction and itch fest. I still make sure and shower immediately afterwards, but I’ve been swimming a bunch of times and have been okay. I couldn’t even be in a room with a chlorinated pool before. I’d have a reaction to the chlorine.

~ I just added another Magnesium supplement to my regimen - Pure encapsulations Mag Glycinate. My sleep has been AMAZING since adding it. It had improved greatly with everything else, but MG took it to a whole new level. I’m sure it’s doing other things, too, but that is definitely the most noticeable.
~ My skin. I have battled with rosacea and more recently, acne, for SO many years. And even until recently, I kept having flares and breakouts. But as my diet has gotten cleaner and cleaner, my skin is following suit. Since the skin is a reflection of what is happening in the liver, that means my liver is FINALLY getting cleaned out, which makes me SO happy! That means that pretty soon I can watch this fat start melting away.

~ The fat has already started melting away. I wish I could say how much, but I really don’t know, as I stopped using a scale a long time ago. But my clothes are getting looser, and I can see things on my body shifting and changing. And I know what my body feels like when it is losing weight.
~ The haze in my vision has left the building.
~ I can’t remember the last time I had flaky eyebrows.
~ Almost no migraines. I’ve had one or two in the last couple of months, triggered by unusual lack of sleep and stress. But generally I just don’t get them anymore. It helps greatly that I have learned what all of my triggers are and I actively avoid them, but even when I hit an inadvertent trigger, it’s been so much better.
~ Eating so many foods I thought I’d lost forever. I could write a whole post on this, I think, but I’ll try to keep it brief. Eating GAPs, then Paleo, then GF/CF, then Paleo again, then Autoimmune Paleo, then AIP with low FODMAPS. All that did was clog up my liver and make me sicker. I lost more and more foods and watched others have the same experience. But letting go of the meat and fats and eggs and eating as many raw fruits and veggies and even some lightly cooked veggies as possible, has given me back foods I thought I’d lost forever. Nightshades! I can eat them all again! I still prefer tomatoes and peppers raw to cooked, but potatoes I eat with wild abandon, and mushrooms! Oh, my precious mushrooms have come back to me. Fruits I reacted to before like pineapple, citrus and kiwi! I eat them. All of them. Celery juice every morning is restoring my digestion, and eating other healing foods as well is giving me the ability to eat more healing foods. It’s a win win!

~ My digestion is better - if I do get gas, I know it's a food I'm not ready for, because if I'm eating properly for my body, there's no gas. I'll spare you the details of the other ways I know. But it's better. I can tell that I'm absorbing the nutrients from the foods and supplements I'm taking and not just making super expensive urine, as has happened in the past from malabsorption.
~ I've been tracking my urinary frequency and BM frequency with an app on my phone, and things have greatly settled down in that department. Not such a ridiculous number of times a day anymore. That's pretty awesome!

Since I did the cleanse, my son has also started on a regimen of supplements and I’ve slowly been adjusting the food he eats to contain more of the healing foods as I just stopped having any “no” foods available.
He no longer has nightmares.
He had a stutter which has gone away  - this came with the addition of the Heavy Metals Detox Smoothie and a Zeolite supplement called “ACZ Nano”.
He has less panic.
He is more able to have his anxiety and still “do the thing”. Before his anxiety would be too overwhelming and he would go into a panic attack.
He has been able to make and play with friends online in a group, which was not something he could do before. One on one was all he could handle.

This doesn’t mean that all of my symptoms have miraculously gone, or that I don’t have the occasional flare of my symptoms. I do. But I have noticed that when there IS a flare, it’s never been as bad as it was every day of my life before I started down this path. And I always have secure knowledge that when it happens, it’s only temporary, which is a huge about-face from how it was before.

Before, a recurrence of symptoms was filled with dread and panic, because “OMG it’s all coming back it will never  leave I am never going to get better this is my life now AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!”

But now I know that it’s just a bump in the road, and that my healing continues as long as I eat the healing foods and take my supplements - it’s a certainty. A bout of strep or a flu isn’t going to take us back to where we were, chronically ill and in pain every day and unable to move or do anything. It’s just a temporary thing, and will pass, as our bodies get stronger and more able to fight them off for longer periods.

I still have a lot of healing to do. My body is deconditioned by years of chronic pain and fatigue. I have strength to build. My liver needs cleansing to be able to fully release all the extra fat I carry, and I’ll need to build my strength and stamina to be able to exercise to tone and condition my body.
But now I can. I know that it’s  a possibility now, where it never really felt like it could be before - not for many many years now.
I’m back in life again. I’m able to be with my family. We travel in the RV. We explore together. We go on adventures together. I take my dog for walks sometimes, when I’m able. I’m able to more and more. I go for walks with my family. Soon I’ll be able to hike again. It just keeps improving now, things just keep getting better and better.

If you're interested in reading the Medical Medium book, it can be purchased here

Ten Months In - What Has Medical Medium Done for me Lately?: Part 2: The Cleanse

Part 1 of this story is here.
Let’s recap the Medical Medium cleanse that I did back in June of 2016, shall we?

Day 1: Energy I'd never had before. Miracle level energy. Enough energy to prepare myself the juice, smoothies, and foods for the cleanse. I'm not even doing the full cleanse yet, because I eat lamb for dinner, and apple cider vinegar. But I'm "buzzing". I have this "alive" feeling in my cells I'm not used to. My mood feels lighter, I feel alert and clear-headed.

Day 2: Again with the alive, buzzing feeling after drinking the celery juice. I notice the edema in my feet is so much less that my feet just look like regular feet. I also notice my mood is lighter still and I feel pretty good. I want to get up and do things. I took the dog out without exhaustion afterward. I go outside twice today and can walk all around the yard. Usually I can't go very far, only a little way. This is blowing my mind.

Day 3: I'm able to do chores around the house and some cleaning. I'm able to be present with my son and engage with him. I do laundry, clean the kitchen, make the bed. No exhaustion afterward. Still no edema in my feet. No swelling. I feel amazing, and it's only been THREE days.

Day 4: Noticing that non-cleanse foods make me feel less great. Still feeling amazing with no edema. Still clear, energetic.

Day 5: Husband colored my hair with henna and I didn't react to the strong smell. Slight edema, but the weather has been very hot. Vision less hazy. Eyebrows less flaky. Feeling clear, lucid, present, like brain is back online. Less itching all over body. Feeling hope for the first time in years!

Day 6: Sleeping better. Less bothered by the heat. Feeling more rested after sleep. Feeling alive and clearer and hopeful. Showering again because I CAN now. Wanting to get dressed in the mornings rather than just live in pajamas. HUGE.

Day 7: Spiritual cleansing. By which I mean I had an experience at night that I can only describe as spiritual cleansing. As I am at a loss to adequately sum it up, you’re welcome to read about it by clicking the link to the post.
Day 8: Needing rest, but still enough energy to make all the food. Still way more energy than before, just feeling the need for rest and self-care.
Day 9: Barometric pressure change which usually takes me out - I feel it, but less so than usual. Brain isn't going to worst case scenario when confronted. Able to seek solutions rather than more problems. Fibromyalgia pain less.

Day 12: Standing and walking a lot, still have energy, no pain except in back, sleepy but not exhausted/drained at end of day.

Day 13: Have not had any POTS or Dysautonomia symptoms since starting this cleanse - I can bend over and stand up quickly and I feel the same - I can do these things without feeling faint! Whoa. Also no weird heart palpitations. What???

Day 14: Added dulse, had strong mast cell reaction. Added cooked sweet potatoes to slow down cleanse.

Day 15: Energy returning, clear head, body odor decreasing (not that I stank, but just normal level decreasing).
Day 16: Anxiety had been subsiding, but triggering event brought it back. Barometric changes causing pain and inflammation in body. Tried spirulina, too much detox, decided not to do heavy metals cleanse until later when more healing has happened.

Day 17: Huge stressful situation did NOT cause flare as it would have in the past. Anxiety level lower than expected given the situation at the time.

Day 20: I'm feeling stronger and happier, I'm more easily able to get through things, I seem to be reacting much less to things that usually trigger me. My skin seems to be getting clearer by the day. Dare I hope!

Day 21: I'm feeling so much more positive, despite massive amounts of stress being heaped upon our lives right now. It's going to be worked out, right? The angels say yes.

Day 22: Mast cell reaction to adrenaline and stress.

Day 24: Stressful situation broke with support and prayers. Back pain lessening, so much relief from stress.

Day 26: Was able to go to scented building without mask. Did yard work. Got a bit stiff from being deconditioned, but still felt good.

Day 28: Just the beginning.

So a summary of my results from the 28 Day cleanse :
~ The swelling in my feet has gone down significantly.
~ I have actual energy to do things in my day.
~ I'm getting stronger and stronger.
~ There is less pain in my back.
~ I can stand for longer periods of time, and walk for longer.
~ I can leave the house without a mask - that is huge.
~ Leaving the house doesn't mean days of recovery afterward.
~ My anxiety levels have dropped so significantly I feel like I can function again (make phone calls, meet with people, make plans outside of my house).
~ I am able to do some level of physical labor, like working in the yard.
~ My brain fog has lessened dramatically.
~ I can bend over and do things much more, without feeling my heart race and my BP change.
~ I am present with my family again.
~ I have been able to do physical things to contribute to my family again.
~ I feel hopeful.
~ I've been much much more positive and upbeat in general.
~ I've been a lot less moody and irritable.
~ My son is excited because now we can plan things like going to the beach and to festivals.
And that was just the first 28 days.
If you're interested in reading the Medical Medium book, it can be purchased here