Friday, July 21, 2017

Well, my adrenal experiment went awry, not because what was happening was bad, but because life happens, and life has been particularly challenging lately in external circumstances. And I just haven't been able to pay attention to keeping track of feeding my adrenals. Sorry, adrenals, I'll keep doing my best! 

In no particular order...

We find ourselves dealing with some logistical challenges to being able to live in this new area, which has been very stressful for us. Some things we thought would be improvements turned themselves into impediments...and it's getting tricky.

We found out that some friends back in the midwest were in a house fire and the wife was badly burned - 3rd degree over 70% of her body. Her condition is critical and their family is in my heart, prayers and thoughts constantly.

There was a day we went out for the day and I'd packed a cooler full of snacks to sustain us and my husband left it at home, and that same day there was an indicent with my trying to be in the grocery store by myself, and people lacking compassion, and that just set me back.

We had a tornado warning in the area, which was my son's first, since he grew up in the Pacific Northwest where the natural disaster du' jour would be either volcanoes erupting or earthquakes, none of which happened while we lived there. So the having to drop everything when the sirens sounded and head to the main clubhouse basement for shelter with all of the other park inhabitants did NOT amuse him at all. He was pretty freaked out. Muffins and Frenzie came, too, and that's the photo you're looking at up there. 

I've been having maybe extra detox with a supplement I'm taking and in addition to skin issues and brain fog a bit, I've also been having extra fatigue and pain in my body. Not cool, Cat's Claw! I'll be backing WAY down on you.

We're having a lot of feelings of loss about our family's direction. Where to live, how to go about it, what is the best thing for us right now.

I'm sure all of this nonsense is made worse by my not properly supporting my already depleted adrenals. My sleep has been bad, I cannot seem to get restful sleep. We cannot have the A/C on in the RV overnight for reasons, and the mugginess and heat seep in as we sleep are not helpful.

There are a lot of things about this area that really aren't working for me health-wise. And that sucks because my son really wants to hang  out with this family that lives here, and so do we.

It's been a struggle for us lately, one we are both processing and looking for ways to work through. So that left my adrenal experiment all wonky, because for the life of me I could NOT follow my phone alarms and just eat when I was supposed to.

However, I HAVE been managing at least ONE adrenal snack each day, which I will call progress, because I had pretty much let it slide before. And if you count my morning smoothie and my salads, I've really been managing three. And that's huge.

The adrenal experiment will happen! For now I'm just going to do my best and also do my best to report the results. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Adrenal Experiment Day 3

Because it's still a lot for me to keep up with daily posts. I'm working on it. 

Day 2 I felt good all day - stronger, more energetic, more focused, less brain fog.

I managed to eat all of my adrenal snacks but one, I think. 

Toward the end of the day, which did prove to be a stressful day due to external circumstances, I did become irritable and grouchy. But like I said, stressful external circumstances.

Day 3 again, at a friend's house but still did all my adrenal snacks but one. Felt physically strong and clear, but I did also notice some difficulty in processing and connecting my mouth to my brain. As this hapens to me frequently, I cannot attribute it entirely to eating the snacks - it's a sign of neurological damage that I am still working to heal, and it will just take time. Maybe some detox going on with the damage coming out more.

Again with the stress, feeling frustrated, resigned, sad, unsure, put me in a bad place.

But again feeling physically well, more energy throughout the day, less of that crashing feeling.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Adrenal Experiment Day 1

Inspired by my experience with the adrenal snacks providing me with so much stability and revitalization the other day (and in the last whenever I've eaten them), I decided to do an experiment with myself. I've set alarms on my phone for every 1.5 hours to remind me to have an adrenal snack.

I've been eating plenty of fruits and veggies, and I have my salads and smoothies and celery juice daily, but I've been lax about having the adrenal snacks, only remembering to have them every now and again.

But not this week. I'm set. In addition to my normal routine, I will make sure I have adrenal snacks throughout the day, and note any differences I feel. 

In case you're interested, my daily routine will now look like this:

10:00 AM: wake, 16 oz celery juice
10:25 AM: B12, Sovereign Silver, tinctures, Mary Ruth Organics AM (these are all taken individually about 30 sec apart from each other)
10:30 AM: Lemon water and morning supplements (NeuroMag, Mag Glycinate, 5 HTP, Curcumin, Ester C)
10:45 AM: Heavy Metals Detox Smoothie
12:30 PM: adrenal snack
2:00 PM: adrenal snack (this one is most likely my lunch salad) and supplements (l-lysine, ester C)
3:00 PM: B12 and sovereign silver
3:30PM: adrenal snack
5:00 PM: adrenal snack (most likely my dinner salad with cooked potato) and supplements (l-lysine, Ester C)
6:30 PM: adrenal snack
8:00 PM: adrenal snack and tinctures
9:30 PM: adrenal snack and bedtime supplements (NeuroMag, Mag Glycinate, Ester C, Curcumin)
10:00 PM: Mary Ruth Organics PM multi

Yesterday was my first day. I thought it might be difficult since we were out at a friend's but it turned out not to be - when the alarm on my phone went off, I'd pull out an adrenal snack and make myself eat it. Yesterday I had two that were banana/lettuce/dates, two apple/celery/date, my smoothies (which counts because of the ingredients) and my salad.

I found it was sometimes difficult to eat because I wasn't yet feeling hungry, but they really kept me satiated all day and I didn't experience any cravings for other things, either. I did have much more consistent energy throughout the day and my thoughts were sharper.

Toward the end of the day I felt grumpy and irritated - having to do with where we are relocating, I think? Housing cost vs expectation, weather reality vs where we intended to live, things like that. But I voiced it rather than holding it in and lashing out, and that helped. I also asked my husband to rub my feet for confort and asked the angels for help, and that helped , too.

I slept fairly well but had active dreams. Today I feel sharp still, as is evidenced by my writing blog posts again. It seems that when I feel a bit more cloudy I tend to not blog at all.

Monday, July 10, 2017

celery, the migraine miracle

The other day we had a very long day driving around and looking at houses and neighborhoods, trying to get a feel for the area and what's available within it. I drove the whole time, as fociusing on driving seems to keep motion sickness at bay.  As we were getting to the end of the day, I could feel that familiar "I've pushed myself too far" feeling, and my body was letting me know it had had enough. My head started to pound and my energy began to drop fast. 

I'd packed a cooler of snacks: fresh fruits, dates, celery, Larabars - so we would get through the day. I'd just eaten an apple to get my glucose back up and feed my brain, but I could still feel the headache lurking, the fatigue coming, that "pushed too far" feeling. That impending crash was coming, and my head was pounding. 

Then I remembered what Anthony William, the Medical Medium wrote in the book "Life-Changing Foods" and also in a Facebook post that the mineral salts in celery are good for headaches and migraines. I picked out a celery stick and two dates to make it a complete adrenal snack - an apple, celery and two dates is the one I always remember easily, even though he posted a list of  16 Snacks for Adrenal Fatigue.

When I finished the celery and dates, the headache was GONE. Yes, THAT FAST! Energy was restored and I felt good again, like I could keep going. No crash! No fatigue, no headache. Again it was like a miracle. 

 I am so grateful for the information Anthony William shares in his books, on his radio shows and in his blog posts about healing foods and how we can heal. I've been on my own healing journey for a year, and I find I'm still learning new things all the time. I like to be immersive, reading the Facebook groups for support and answers to questions we all have, re-reading the books to find things I might have missed the first time, listening to past radio shows for new gems, and the live ones every Monday. He also has a healing path program to further solidify the information in the first book, and of course, social media accounts - not just of his, but of so many of us who are healing chronic "autoimmune" illnesses through using the information he shares. My Instagram is pupulated by stories of healing, delicious plant-based recipes and colorful phtos of healing foods. It makes me happy just to look at it.

 The information and how well it all works still blows my mind sometimes, even though I am healing from it. Like the other day. In the past, I'd have come home from a day like that with a migraine, needed​ to sleep in a dark room for several hours, crashed hard. But instead I was energetic, I could have kept going, and I was pain-free because I had the healing foods, the information on what they did, and I used them. Thank you, Anthony and Spirit, for all you share so that we can heal. I owe my life to you.

And for anyone who might be new here somehow - I am in no way affilliated or paid or compensated in any way by Anthony William and any of his associates. The reward I get from sharing this is that if just one person reads his book and uses the information and begins to heal, holy moly is that huge. Too many people are suffering needlessly on this planet, and it there is any way my suffering and the healing of it can help another human, it will have been worth it. Getting my life back from a chronic illness I thought might actualy end up killing me has been the greatest miracle I could imagine.

Continuing to find new ways to use and refine how I use the healing foods to help myself heal even more is the icing on the cake. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Cadillac Ranch - Amarillo TX

We had a stopover in Amarillo, TX and our RV park was 5 minutes from Cadillac Ranch. 

Lest you not know of Cadillac Ranch, it's Another Roadside Attraction to see when you're traveling. From Wikipedia
Cadillac Ranch is not a ranch but a public art installation and sculpture in AmarilloTexas, USA. It was created in 1974 by Chip LordHudson Marquez and Doug Michels, who were a part of the art group Ant Farm. It consists of what were (when originally installed during 1974) either older running used or junk Cadillac automobiles, representing a number of evolutions of the car line (most notably the birth and death of the defining feature of mid twentieth century Cadillacs: the tailfins) from 1949 to 1963, half-buried nose-first in the ground, at an angle corresponding to that of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

It has become very colorful over the years, and the ground around it is littered with used and half-used spraypaint cans, so one can leave their mark if they like. 

Up close the texture of the thousands of layers of spraypaint is fascinating to see. 

These are the tires, so covered in spraypaint they've become another thing altogether. 

What used to be the axle. 

Another tire. 

Layers of spraypaint turned into stalagtites. Stalagmites? The ones that drip down. 

It's difficult to tell anymore if the car is still underneath or if it is just layers of spraypaint holding together the shapes of cars. 

Either way, it's delightfully colorful and fascinating. 

And makes for some great photos, especially against the sky we were treated to this day. 

K was shy to spraypaint at first, but he really got into it once he started and made his mark on several of the cars. 

The row of colorful art cars. 

Mi familia. 

This sky! This art installation in a cornfield!

And of course, the obligatory gift shop down the way, which we did not visit. 

Another view of the cars against the most amazing sky.