Sunday, July 19, 2015

This here's Bessie

My husband has spent the better part of the last 6 months getting to know our RV inside and out. Since he has been the one doing almost all of the manual labor of tearing down shelves, making new ones, painting, repairing, replacing, etc, he has REALLY gotten to know our RV.

We're trying to come up with a good name for her, for once we're on the road. The obvious ones like "The Tardis" (it really IS bigger on the inside) and "Serenity" (I aim to misbehave) are already taken, by many other RVers. This doesn't mean we CAN'T use those names, but just that it's not so unique anymore. I want a name that will speak to who we are as a family (both of those do, actually).

Some I've come up with, but my family has voted down, are: 

  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Heart of Gold 
  • Unwritten 
  • Unless 
  • Closer to Fine 
  • Exactly
  • The Improbability Drive
  • Rainbow Connection
  • Serenity
  • The Tardis
  • Allonsy
  • Bad Wolf
  • The Pugmobile (actually my son came up with this one, and it hasn't yet been shot down)
Props for anyone who gets ALL of my references. Or even some.

Since my husband has been in the RV so much, he has taken to calling it "Bessie". I'm not sure why, since when he told me, I immediately said, "This here's Bessie. finest road paving machine this side of the Mississippi," and he said, "Was that the name of the paver in the Cars movie?" I guess he thinks of our RV as a pet cow?

So maybe "bessie" is in the mix for a name. I don't know what it will be, but we're going to figure it out soon!

What would you name your RV? 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sell All the Things!

The RV is ready. Ready!

It's finished enough that anything left to do can be done with us occupying the RV. Living in it.

I'm almost in disbelief.

This process has taken a full year to complete. And then some! A YEAR! 

We haven't listed the house yet. We haven't moved into the RV yet. We haven't even sold allthethings we're intending to sell yet.

But we have FINALLY made some real, tangible progress, and are *thisclose* to moving into the RV. We'd be doing it this weekend, but our son requested we stay in the house while his BFF is visiting from up north.

This is fine, because there is PLENTY to do inside the house still = like The Completion of the Sorting of All The Things. 

And we're even almost finished with THAT - save for the kitchen and the garage. The garage. Dun dun duuuuun!!! In our house, the garage is also known as "The Place We Put Allthethings We Don't Want to Deal With Now".  So that will be a delight. The good news is as I have been sorting through the house and needing the plastic bins in the garage we won't be using for the stuff stored in them anymore, I have been bringing them in and sorting through them. So it's not quite as daunting as it could be. The other good news is that we have a dear able-bodied friend who has limitless energy and a powerful desire to organize coming to visit this weekend, and while our son is occupied with her son (his BFF), we are going to borrow her mad skills and able body for help.

So we MIGHT just be able to completely finish ALL of the sorting THIS weekend, with her help. Fingers crossed! Because we have an appointment with the buyout guy for next Friday, and we have to have EVERYTHING we are selling ready to show him. Incentive! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

The emotional process of packing everything one owns

I've made some incredible progress in The Packing of The Things for Storage. I mean, you cannot believe the tiny little busy work a Virgo can get herself into when she is in the right space. Like sorting LEGO. And not just a little bit, but so that ALL of the tiniest pieces each are in their individual sorted drawers, like this:

And this:

And this:

Which is a close-up of this:

Yes, really. I do that. It's cathartic in a weird way, and it helps me think. I can think about how I will manage taking this entire house and condensing it down to four categories:

1) Goes with us in the RV
2) Goes into storage
3) Goes into the estate sale
4) Goes into the recycling bins/trash

And the really fun part is, I really am not sure exactly what will fit into the RV, so other than some really obvious bits like necessities and such, I'm not entirely sure what will be in the first category. And the first determines the second, and so on.

But what I DO love about the moving process and downsizing like mad is the part where I literally comb through every bit of everything we own and PURGE like the wind. Like the wind, I tell you!

It's quite an emotional process at times - at times I just get into a groove and am in a zone of, "Let it go! Out damn spot!" and it can be exhilarating to see what is leaving, especially after holding onto certain things for YEARS.

Other times I agonize over letting go of certain things. "What if I need it? What if it's a mistake? What if I regret it later???" My fabric was one of those, but oddly, my yarn stashed decreased by 2/3 without issue. Go figure. And then there are those photos you find here and there, or old letters and cards, that send a person into a kind of melancholy nostalgia. THAT part is bittersweet to say the least. And realizing things I thought held value really don't (for me), and it can be easier and harder to let them go than I thought.

And then there is the realization that even in total overwhelm (how on earth am I going to go through ALL of this and decide what goes??? HOW did we get so much stuff AGAIN???)...I can make progress, and lots of it, if I just take one piece of it at a time. One section. One box. Just something. Anything. Eventually it becomes more an more until at some point, I WILL have gone through every tiny thing we own and have decided what I can let go of. A LOT of it.

It's kind of fun when the question is: do I want to pay to store this? Is it worth it? SO many things become a no! Maybe not so much for my sweet boy, who wants to store allthethings he has, but it's okay - the stuff I am getting rid of of mine more than makes up for his bins of plush and wooden trains and boxes of LEGO. I mean, more than half of my fabric! And just all those things I would ONE day use for a project (but never actually did). And three bins of yarn! And SO many craft supplies! And sewing notions!

But I digress. Message here is: purging feels GOOD. Knowing someone else will sell it for me is even better. Well, if I can reach anyone. Apparently Estate Sale season is in full swing, and I'm late to the party!

It's okay though, I'll find the right company to handle it all. Right?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

how do I be okay with it?

Days like this are hard on my psyche. The sun is out, it's a lovely day outside, yet I'm in a flare - I can't brain, I can't physical, I can't even brain enough to take care of things that need taken care of online like the budget, filling out my application for disability, passport stuff...

But my head feels like pea soup. And my body is pain.

All I can really do is watch movies or TV shows, because it's all my brain and body can do. Well, that and make me feel insane amounts of guilt for what I am unable to do. That's he brilliant part. Because it doesn't matter that I know intellectually that this is my illness, I'm in a flare, there is nothing I an do about it. My brain says, "You SHOULD be able to do this. You SHOULD be packing, you SHOULD be doing laundry, cooking, getting things in order. You SHOULD get the budget done, or the paperwork for disability, or a million other things....

An instead of just going with how I'm feeling and accepting that this is what it is, and it will pass, and today is not an activity day, I just tell myself how much I suck for not being able to accomplish any of the things I think I ought to be able to accomplish.

And people will say, "Be gentle with yourself." I mean, *I* say that to people, I do!

But my brain gets stuck in this loop and I forget how. How do I be kind to myself when there is sun and there are a million things to do and my body and brain aren't cooperating and I just can't? 

Because sun *should* mean I'm not in pain. It usually does! But not today. Today he barometric pressure is squeezing my veins and making me so incredibly fatigued. SO FATIGUED.

How did I get to this place? How did I get HERE???

This was not supposed to be my life. 

How do I rectify this? 

How do I just allow what is, and forgive myself that I am here? 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

adulting like a boss - organizing important paperwork FTW

I'm adulting like a boss today.

I went through alllll of our old medical paperwork and found the addresses of all the practitioners we've had since we left St. Louis, so I can request copies of our medical records. I have what I could get from St. Louis, but nothing from anywhere else we've lived.

And I did it because I need a new social security card. So I needed to find my birth certificate.

Somehow while I was looking for it, I decided I needed to make an emergency/house/RV binder for all of our important papers -  because we won't have a bog old file cabinet in the RV, and I need to keep all the important stuff close. I found some cool tutorials about making emergency/home binders I had previously pinned on Pinterest:

The Emergency Preparedness Red File, which has a very useful printable checklist for which documents to include, plus photos. I had to laugh at the one CD of photos they had in their book, since at my son's tender age of 10, I just filled a box with DVDs of our collective photos. But I will include a CD or DVD of photos of the inventory of our home, and the items that are important to us should there ever bee a need for insurance purposes.

I also liked Creating a Grab and Go Binder, which has the number 23 (skiddoo!) in the title, PLUS has links to some ID kits for kids and pets, which is kind of cool.

And this must be the most organized person on the planet, and if by the grace of the Universe I could manage even a fourth of the organizational skill this person has, I would be delighted. Just look at this: Home Organization 101 - Week 4, The Office. You will either feel incredibly hopeful that you, too, can have this picture perfect life, or vastly inferior. I'm somewhere in between, but it sure is nice to see what it might be like if I could accomplish it. Anyway, scroll down to the binders part - that's what I'm really referring to.

And back to the binders *I* made....

Thinking about making the Important Papers binder led to my decision to completely reorganize my current medical paperwork, which led to my digging out alllll the old medical paperwork for all three of us and making an organized binder for each of us (mine is actually two binders - one of just my medical history, and one with everything else, because I'm overly complicated like that).

As you can see, in there are my CDs of MRIs, echoes, x-rays and CT scans I've had. I have tabs for: Test Results, Family History, Primary, Genetics, Allergist, Physio, Vision, Dental, Receipts, Meds/Supplements.

I'm have contact info for all, am going to add dates of all visits with reasons for visit for a quick reference. There will be an About Me page at the beginning with all pertinent info including blood type, allergies, diagnoses at a glance, doctors' phone numbers, and height.

My husband's and son's have the same information, sans Allergist and Physio, and both of their medical histories fit in one small notebook apiece, thank goodness. Theirs are MUCH easier to organize.

This has been my weekend.

I have these windows of brain lucidity and absence of anxiety/overwhelm where I can actually manage these types of things, so I am taking full advantage. I don't know why I felt the need to share this other than I am feeling pretty darn accomplished right now, because I have created a system of organization that makes complete sense and also makes everything really easy to find. I'm not finished, but now I will have ALL of our medical records for the first time in EVER, and that is pretty amazing. I just have to call a dozen places Monday to procure said records, but this has been put off for the longest time because I couldn't remember who to call - but now I know!